Lyrical Dance

A qualified and seasoned ballet instructor, Amanda Willis Brice has been a figure in
the Birmingham, AL dance community for over eighteen years.  Through her
extensive experience in teaching students of all skill levels, she brings an
unprecedented perspective to her work and her enthusiasm is contagious!

Amanda began her studies in 1982 at various local dance studios in the area.  In
1986 was encouraged to pursue a BA degree in dance by instructor and owner of
North Jefferson Academy of Dance. In 1988 she began teaching career while
studying and performing with UAB Ballet.   Under  the direction of  Stevan Grebel and
Melanie Mihalic, Amanda  performed with BAD & Company (Ballet against Drugs) and
enjoyed performing choreography by the staff , students and guest teachers and

Among the list of teachers that Amanda was fortunate to study with are Zivojin
Novkov, Marcus Alford, Gus Giordano and select members of Moscow Ballet.  Over a
span of 15 years Mrs. Brice instructed dance at North Jefferson Academy,
Birmingham Ballet, Alabama Dance Academy and Samford University.  While
teaching at Birmingham Ballet, she performed in The Nutcracker at the Wright
center.  Currently you can find Amanda continuing her studies at Stevan Grebel
Center for Dance and teaching ballet and pointe technique with  Westwood Ballet.  
After teaming at Destiny Dance, Amanda developed the ballet syllabus and
embarked upon a less traditional form of ballet choreography.  This has proved to be
a beautiful blessing to her art.  This summer, Amanda has taken the opportunity to
study in the teacher's program at Ballet Magnificat in Jackson, Mississipppi.  As her
career has grown from ballet instructor/choreographer to ballet director at Destiny
Dance and Westwood Ballet, look for her choreography at these schools, as well,  in
the upcoming year 2007-2008.
Stevan and Deborah Grebel, Directors
Shelby County's only pre-professional dance program.
Teaching Dance in the Birmingham area for 44 years!

205.620.0800  or 205.602.5639