Gennady Albert, foreword by Mikhail Baryshnikov

Alexander Pushkin wasa well-loved teacher at the Leningrad Choreographic
School so much that he became a legend. Rudolf Nureyev and Mikhail
Baryshnikov were his star pupils, but nearly all the leading male dancers of the
Kirov Ballet from the 1940s through the 1960s were taught by him. Filled with
personal photos, as well as others of his At the great Kirov Ballet of St.
Petersburg, Alexander Ivanovich Pushkin students and classes, this concise,
insightful biography reveals to us the life and techniques of a master teacher.
For dance enthusiasts as well as for the serious student and teacher, this
small volume illuminates the methods and personality of a man little known in
the West, but someone who has made significant contributions to the
international world of dance.
Enjoy the freedom of dance which comes with pure technique" - Stevan

*Stevan Grebel studied with historically the foremost teacher of classical ballet in
the world, inRussia - Alexander Pushkin. No one knew better than Pushkin how to
give a class of perfection or that the body works one way and that is it, no matter
what style one works in: French, Cecchetti, Bournonville, Russian, English or
American. There is only one way for the body to develop strong, graceful and
efficient technique that truly combines mind, body and soul....and it is no secret.
Stevan Grebel teaches what he learned from Pushkin while studying in
specialization for 18 months with him in the 1950s, and has handed down this
legacy to his students - a gift to those who are willing to accept it. Teachers at
legacy by the gift given of instructing and teaching.
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